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How to get glowing skin naturally?

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How to get Glowing Skin Naturally

This is the most common question for all that “how to get glowing skin naturally ?”

So today we are going to give you some “Glowing Skin Secrets”. Hopefully these tips will definitely work for you. If the tips look good, do not forget to comment. And do not forget to bookmark the blog.

To Bright the Skin:-

1) By using aloe, the face will be fair, clean and moist. Apply the prison face for at least half an hour.

2) Putting Coconut Water twice a day on face will help to reduce facial scars and swells.

3) Paste a piece of Papaya and make a paste and apply it on the face. Keep it on the face for an hour. After that wash the face. Regularly removing this solution will make the face look bright.

4) Mix the “Ripe Banana” in a little water. Put the mixture on face for 20-25 minutes. After that wash the face with cold water.

5) Mix the “Rose Water” in the milk to clean the skin.

6) Make a paste by mixing “Mango Bark” and mixing it in milk. Apply the paste to the face for 15 minutes. He will brighten the skin lying in black with sunlight and the face will be clean.

7) After “Sunflower Seeds” remain wet all night and pour turmeric and saffron in the morning and make a paste. The color of the skin after putting it on the face for 20 minutes It will help in lightening.

8) Mix “Sugar” with “Lemon Juice” and make it scrub the face. He will go out of the face Dead Skin.

Tips for Oily Skin:-

1)If the face is oily, of a spoon “Honey”, lightly apply it on the face 15-20 minutes,this reduce the oiliness.

2) Sprinkle 1 tsp Multani soil and mint powder for half an hour in 1 spoonful of sugar. Put it on the lepee face for 15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water when the coating on the face becomes dry.

3) In one Egg, add 1 tablespoon curd, a small spoon of multivarious soil and Honey, and put it on the lepee face for 15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water when the coating on the face becomes dry.

4) Combine Powdered Mud, 2 Tbsp Maize Powder in Powder Capsule Rice Caps. Take that mixture into water. Remove it from scrub neck to face. Nose and chin on the systematic grass. This scrub is useful for oily skin and pimples.


For the Moor and the Pupils

1) In a small quantity of water mixed with water Multani soil , apply a mixture of baked beans and turmeric powder in the Multani soil before putting it on the face before mouthing. The mumma becomes reduced.

2) If there is black spot and pimples on the face, then paste 1 spoon of curd, 1 spoon Masaradal, and paste it on the face. Wash the face 15-20 minutes with cold water.

For Gentle Skin:-

1) Spoon the lemon juice in two tablespoon milk or sauces for a while, put it on the mouth and neck for a while, and after some time washed and washed.

Feel like bleach on the face. So the skin becomes soft and tidy.

Extra Tips

1) If you are sleeping in the night, put napassium / raw milk on cotton balls and dry it on blackened skin, then dry it overnight. Wake up in warm morning with lukewarm water.

2) Coconut water should be put on the face at least once a week. The skin does not dry up.

3) Take honey, lemon juice and milk feeder mixture and mix it in a little almond paste. Apply this mixture to the blackened skin. After drying, wash with lukewarm water.

4) After the aloe leaves, remove the jelly-like shiny gray skin. Wash with clean water after 30 minutes.

5) Mix 2 teaspoon turmeric powder and paste it in the mustard seeds. Before sleep, apply the paste to the skin and after washing it in the morning, wash it.

Hope you like all tips ralated to
SKIN and can try.Please give your valuable comments after usng the tips.and stay tuned with us.Thanks.

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