How to get Backlinks from Authority sites

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How to get Backlinks from Authority sites:

Getting the Backlinks from authority websites is very difficult.But if you have a high quality article or news then you can directly contact to the owner of website or publisher or you can try the following steps.

  •  Use a tool to check for expired domains that are already linked to from those sites, then purchase and rebuild those domains.
  • Submit articles to those sites through the correct channels and hope they get published – quality and relevance would have to be exceptional though.
  • Find a contributor and do some sort of deal with them in exchange for them linking to your site.

Here is the Official Google Guide for Beginner SEO’s

Link Building Strategies in 2019:

link Building 2019
  1. One quality backlink is better than 10 low-quality links
  2. Websites with more unique referring domains (links from more sites) tend to rank higher in search engines 
  3. Ranking higher in Google searches without any external backlink is possible
  4. Google’s ranking is closely tied to overall page authority
  5. Multiple links coming from the same domain are counted as one 
  6. Social media shares also help a great deal in higher ranking

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How to Build High Quality Backlinks:

Create Infographics:
Infographics are one way to rank your website higher in search engines. They are great if you want to get quality links from multiple high DA websites, provided you offer quality in these infographics as well.

Steal Competitor Backlinks:
One of the best ways to rank higher for keywords of your choice is by analyzing competitors in the niche.

How to find competitor websites?

  1. You can use any tool like KwFinder, Ahref, or Moz to find competitor websites. But the best way is to search the keyword in Google.
  2. Before doing that, download and install SEO quake plugin.
  3. Now search for the keyword and you will see a list. You should check if any website is ranking on the first page without more than 10 backlinks. Note them down and visit them one by one. Once you have at least 10 websites, you can check out their backlinks.

For Link Building Strategies in 2019, we will check their backlinks by some free tools. You can also use paid tools for this purpose.

I will be using Small Seo Tools to search for relevant backlinks pointing to this website in order to know ‘How to get huge backlinks in 2019.’

Once you have a complete list, copy and paste it into excel. Now manually visit each one and check if you can create a link for your website on these websites.

This way you will have almost the same links as that of the competition. Now, these may not be enough to rank you higher in searches, but your website now has some weight. This is one of the best “Link Building Strategies in 2019″.

Find Guest Post Opportunities:
Find the relevant guest posting opportunities on various websites related to your niche.

How to Build High Quality Backlinks
  1. Search for websites that have a DA > 30
  2. Search for websites that have an Alexa rank of 500,000 or less
  3. The website you want to post on should be relevant to your niche
  4. Make sure the website has a spam score of 2 or less

Ways to Find Guest Posts Online:

You should search for websites that have any of the following in google:

keyword intitle:”write for us”
keyword intitle:”write for me”
Keyword  intitle:”contribute to”
Keyword intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog
Keyword “submit a guest post”
Keyword inurl:/guest-post/

High  PR Backlinks sites list

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