A lemon will prevent a bad look inside the house

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A lemon will prevent a bad look inside the house

At times, everything is fine in the house, but for some reason nothing is right in the house. This is because the negative energy in the house that does not allow any work to be done properly. It is said that lemon removes the negative power in the house from the house. It is said that there is no Vaastu defect in the house if there is a lemon tree in the house.

There is no negative energy in the house, which has increased the problems in the house, in any way, can not get rid of negative power, then you can put lemon tree in your house. Using lemon makes the environment of the home positive. There is no Vaastu defect in the house where there is lemon tree.

Mix 38 grams of black pulse of whole urad and 40 grains of rice and press into any pit and squeeze the lemon from above. While lemon leans, you keep taking the name of God which you believe. Then no enemy will spoil you. But there is no remedy for anybody’s loss. Just for your safety

For a bad look at the house and the shop Often shops have a lemon tanger with green chillies. Just as he hangs on an onion, he absorbs the surrounding heat, in the same way, the lemon absorbs the bad eye. It is believed that the sweet taste of lemon sour and chilli dissolves the concentration of the person with a bad eye. So that he can not see the house or the shop over time.

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Lemon for success

 If you are not getting success even after hard work, then go to Hanuman Mandir and take a lemon and 4 cloves with you. After reaching the temple, put four cloves on the lemon. Then recite Hanuman Chalisa in front of Hanumanji. After this, pray for Hanumanji to get success and start work with lemon. This will increase your chances of success in your work.

Vaastu Defects

The house where there is a lemon tree does not have any kind of negative energy to enter. The atmosphere around the lemon tree is clean. Positive Energy remains. The lemon tree removes the architecture of the house. If you have to keep the house safe from something untoward, take a lemon and rotate it in the four corners of the house 7 times and take it to a deserted place and take four pieces and throw it in a four-dimensional piece of lemon and return. Do not look back while you return.

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